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Frequently Asked Questions - emuallim - First Arab One to One Online Tutor for students in Middle East and Africa

Frequently Asked Questions

What is emuallim? is the world’s First Arab region and Arab student focused online tutoring services company built to serve an estimated 9 million Arab students in the Middle East and North Africa region with access to Internet. Majority of our teachers are from the Arab countries in addition we also have teachers from Asia, Europe and North America.

Some facts about
  • World's First online tutoring services for the Arab region, exclusively for Arab students by Arab teachers.
  • Offering personal one-to-one online tutoring to school students for normal academic tutoring, assist with daily homework & assignments and help students prepare for upcoming tests.

Who will be tutoring my son or daughter?

Just as you should with a face to face tutor, it’s important to know the background of who is tutoring your son or daughter. As part of our screening process we do background checks on the conduct and credentials of all our tutors. We also ask for employment reference. In addition, we carefully check the education credentials before we certify all our tutors.

Are emuallim tutors experienced?

All tutors are graduates, engineers and doctorates in relevant subjects and undergo rigorous training in online tutoring processes and emuallim certification.

What curriculum & textbooks does the tutor use?

Emuallim follows school curriculum followed by schools across the Arab world. Tutors personalize content based on student requirements.

What are the subjects covered by emuallim?

We provide personal tutoring in MATH and ENGLISH; in addition we also provide customized learning solutions based on individual student needs.

Does emuallim offer test prep?

We help students prepare for exams! Our tutors will work with you to improve your grades and practice for the exams with the most commonly asked questions

How do I schedule my tutoring Lessons?

Simple! You log in to your emuallim account and schedule your tutoring Lessons and we will send you a confirmation mail with all the details. You can book your Lessons in advance at a time with your favourite tutors with 24 or more hours' notice.
Select the days of the week & times you want from the tutor's available schedule. Our subject-expert tutor will be ready to work with you at the scheduled time. Lessons are usually booked on the hour. The tutor uses the remaining time to document your Lesson and plan the next one. Very soon emuallim will offer flexible schedule and instant Lessons!

How do I make a payment?

You can pay by your credit card. You can do a direct bank transfer to our account. We also have a Cash Collection system

How convenient is emuallim's tutoring?

We provide all tutoring over the Internet and in the convenience of your home – no more driving to a learning centre, no more allowing tutors into your home, no more calling friends and family for help! You get high-quality personal tutor and access to world class content 24/7. You can schedule and take tutoring lessons anytime at your convenience

Is Online Tutoring Safe?

One question we often hear from parents regarding online tutoring is "what about safety". It's a good question. The good news is online tutoring is extremely safe, or arguably safer, than face to face tutoring. 100% of Online tutoring lessons are recorded. This option would always allow the parents to monitor the Lessons; it ensures 100% safety as well. Providing tools for parents & students to record all Lessons for use as a study tool for future review and to allow parents to see what their children are learning

Do we need Headphone with microphone and digital writing pad?

We do recommend students to use a headphone with built in microphone. A headphone provides excellent sound quality, blocks out distracting room noise and lets you speak into the microphone hands-free. If you are doing a lot of work with math, we recommend buying a digital pen tablet. These let you write on a typically 4x6" or 6x8" plastic surface with a special pen. It’s easier to write fractions, show how numbers cancel out, circle and draw, graph, etc. with a digitizing graphics tablet though you can do these things with a mouse. With a digital pen (graphics) tablet you can use the mouse or the pen. You might want to try using the mouse first and see how easy and effective this is for your need and then decide if buying a graphics tablet makes sense.